Return Policy

Return Policy

Our products are perfectly tested before we dispatch them. We guarantee you that our product will satisfy you in terms of quality.
Still if in case your product delivered is not up to the mark, do notify us. We will replace the product after thorough inspection. Any product claim will be made only if a visual reference to the issue is sent to us i.e. in the form of a picture. The return will only be processed and free product will be sent if your skin is shipped back to us. We will not entertain any returns until we get the old product back.
In cases when an order is shipped wrongly, then you do not need to ship the skin back to us. We will re-send a product free of any cost to you.

We allow our customers to return goods within 7 days after they have received the products.
In case of returning goods, the customer will bear the shipping cost - This cost applies only in such cases when we demand the shipping back of the original skin, if not then no shipping cost applies. In order to allow the return, the goods must not be damaged or used at all. If dexpel agrees to refund the shipping amount then that is refunded in shipping terms only and not Cash/Money. If the product is refunded then shipping is not refunded, only the product cost is refunded.

DEXPEL™ has clearly stated and displayed its products on its web site. If the customer does not likes any purchase owing to his/her change of taste, then the purchase is not applicable for a return.

Note: In case of products where dimensions are required (for examples Laptop skins, Door skins), if the customer has not provided the Dimensions for the product, then Dexpel will use standard dimensions. In such cases if the product does not fits your machine, Dexpel will not be viable to replace that skin. If it is bigger, then you can always trim the skin to fit your needs.

We do not return USED products

For more information on canceling orders and special returning items, please contact on: