Feel-Less Printing

Dexpel offers feel-less printing on its fabric products, these products include jackets, cushions, mouse pads and almost all the products on which you see the hand logo on our site. We acheive this through the latest sublimation technology and give our customers the best product in print. The fabric we use is a mix of Polyester OR Micro Thread and very little cotton. This is a unique blend of fabric that has gone very popular in the US and the UK. This special mix of fabric allows us to print over the fabric in FEEL-LESS printing. The print will be there till the life of the shirt, will never come off and you can wear it as you like. Its much softer and is premium fabric compared to what you get in the market. Dexpel has made special efforts to make available this in Pakistan for our customer and has given you the option to customize it the way you want it.

Dexpel is the only online store offering its customer with 16 Million colors of fabric choices. You can choose any jacket Dexpel has every color for you. You can even print the complete fabric. If you see this logo with a fabric product then that means you have the option of customizing every inch of the garment. You dont have to worry about a specific portion, you have the complete fabric at your disposal. Unleash the design in you and using our online customizer start designing your very own Jacket.