About Dexpel

Dexpel is Pakistan leading company in quality personalized products. Our technologies enable customers and brands to create and buy that they themselves design on our web site. Dexpel’s rapidly expanding product base covers a wide variety of products such as laptop skins, mobile phone skins, gaming console skins, t-shirts, car decals, custom mugs, wall skins, cut outs, and much more.

When you place an order your order is manufactured on demand and is unique to your taste. All products are manufactured after receiving orders from the customers to ensure 100% satisfaction & customization for the consumer.

Launched in September 2009 Dexpel is now Pakistan’s #1 and most favorite online custom print shop.

Dexpel offers hundreds of products ranging from Customized clothing to designer skins, from home decor to office products.

Our aim is to deliver 100% satisfaction to our customers of their purchase as each individual order is manufactured especially for you.