How To Order

You need to order online on our web site. Please go to our web site
Select the product you want to order, and select the design then.
Then fill in the required details on the right side, such as Dimensions (in case of Laptop/PC/Door skins) or Surface (Matt or Gloss – Lamination of the skin) and Press ADD TO CART.
Then you will be in the shopping cart.
After that press the checkout button. Then the web site will ask you to login or create a new ID.
If you are a new customer, then click register and give your details.
Then complete the checkout which will be only a 2min process. You will need to give your details such as name, address, phone, email etc.
Finally you will be sent an invoice on your email address once all 4 steps are completed.
If there is anything else, please do not hesitate to email or call us at the following:

Dexpel Support: 
0306 3339735 or  0306-3DEXPEL (PST 10am to 5pm)
Thank you